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Day 1, Tuesday, Aug 15

Arrivals & Registration

(Pre-registration (early arrivals) will be open from 11:00 - 15:00 Monday 14th August)

09:00 - 09:45

Main Entrance | Foyer | Monica Partridge Building

Morning Coffee
09:45 - 10:00

Main Foyer / Atrium

Welcome Presentation & Introduction

By Mark Gillott - Co-Chair | Saffa Riffat - Chair SET2023

10:00 - 10:30

Lecture Theatre A03

Keynote: The Journey to Net Zero Cities

By Lucelia Rodrigues - University of Nottingham - UK

10:30 - 11:15

Lecture Theatre A03

Keynote: Are Mini Grids the Way Forward to Provide Energy Access to 800 Million People by 2030?

By AbuBakr Bahaj - University of Southampton - UK | Chair: Saffa Riffat

11:15 - 12:00

Lecture Theatre A03

Photo Shoot - Group Photo
12:00 - 12:30

Monica Partridge - Main Foyer / Millennium Garden

Buffet Lunch & Poster Session A

#10: Renewable Energy Based Electric Vehicles Charging Stations Design in Developing Nations | By Hisham Alghamdi

#17: Optimizing Solar Energy Harvesting with Self-Cleaning Surfaces: Examining the Role of Wetting State in Dust Removal | By Ghassan Hassan and Bekir Yilbas

#22: A Spectrally Selective Metal Mesh Coating for photovoltaic/thermal applications | By Ken Chen, Kongfu Hu, Bin Zhao and Gang Pei

#24: A BIM-based Framework for the Integrated Assessment of Building Circularity and Sustainability | By Ihab Al-Qazzaz, Carlos Osorio Sandoval, Serik Tokbolat and Georgia Thermou

#25: Numerical study of PCM integrated two-evaporator variable speed compressor domestic refrigerator for applications in remote areas | By Cagri Kutlu, Mehmet Tahir Erdinc, Yuehong Su and Saffa Riffat

#29: Nanocomposite TiO2/MgO photocatalyst for CO2 reduction to solar fuels
| By Wenbin Zhang and Debashish Pal

#58: Design, production, and performance analysis of a pyramid-type solar desalination system; an experimental study | By Pinar Mert Cuce, Erdem Cuce and Tamer Guclu

#83: Feasibility Study of Machine Learning in Solar Energy Storage Systems Optimisation | By Yanan Zhang, Ziwei Chen, Yong Zhang, Cagri Kutlu, Yuehong Su, Saffa Riffat and Xiao Li

#84: Sustainability through innovative materials and government intervention in Residential housing | By Jordan Turner

#119: Design, preliminary testing and construction of a novel water collection system using PCM for water scarce regions in Africa | By Emmanuel Tapia-Brito, Cagri Kutlu, Ziwei Chen, Saffa Riffat and Yanan Zhang

#203: Experimental investigation of concentrated triple junction solar cells under non-uniform illumination | By Mahalakshmi Krishnan, Reddy K. S and Subrahmanyam Aryasomayajula

#213: Composite Filament Winding Technology for Ultra-Lightweight Chassis in L7e Class Electric Vehicles: Enabling Cost-Effective Zero Emission Urban Mobility Solutions | By Hasan Ufuk Gökçe and Kamil Umut Gökce

#245: A Renewable Multigeneration Energy System for a Public School in Denmark | By August Maahn Skyggebjerg Thomsen, Alaa Jalal El-Ahmad, Ali Ibrahim Al-Badri and Muhyiddine Jradi

#272: Towards Decarbonised Transportation with L6e Electric Vehicle: Exploring CERYAN | By S. Alperen Celtek, A. Ozgur Polat, Seda Kul and Abdullah Dik

#273: Techno-economic assessment of solar/ground dual-source heat pump based Electro-thermal energy storage (ETES) system with control and operation strategies for British housing stock | By Ke Qu, Yuhao Wang and Saffa Riffat

#279: Rotation Heat Pump - Presentation of the integral rotor design | By Andreas Laengauer and Bernhard Adler

#281: Smart Responsive Shadings for Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Hot Climates | By Mahmoud Zameem

12:30 - 13:30

Monica Partridge - Main Foyer near Main Entrance

Session 1 : Carbon saving potential of Rainwater Harvesting

By Michael Farnsworth | Stormsaver Ltd | UK

Chair : Armando Oliveira

Paper #40 Experimental and numerical analysis of concentrating parabolic trough collectors integrated with semiconductor thermoelectric generators | By Qiliang Wang, Yao Yao, Zhicheng Shen and Hongxing Yang

Paper #75: Forecasting PV generation for a community energy scheme | By Mitchell Searjeant, Mark Gillott, Lucelia Rodrigues and Rabah Boukhanouf

Paper #124: Zero-energy modularized atmospheric water harvester with advanced thermal management | By Fangfang Deng and Ruzhu Wang

Paper #181: Trans-critical rotating heat pump system | By Chris Benson

13:30 - 15:00


Session 2 : Heat pump retrofit for boiler heating systems

By Zafer Ure | PCM Products Ltd | UK

Chair : Chris Wood

Paper #61: Highly Oriented Thermally Conductive Stearic Acid/Expanded Graphite-Graphene Films Phase Change Material for Efficient Photothermal Energy Storage | By Zhaofeng Dai, Zhu Jiang, Xiaohui She, Yulong Ding, Xiaosong Zhang and Dongliang Zhao

Paper #123: Thermodynamic evaluation and comparison of electric heating paths | By Xiaoxue Kou and Ruzhu Wang

Paper #114: Performance Analysis of Waste Heat Recovery in Hydrogen Storage Compression Process Based on TEG | By Jingyong Cai, Jie Ji, Tao Zhang and Ruonan Zhang

Paper #222: Synthesis and characterization of doped magnesium hydroxide for medium heat storage application | By Nawaf Albeladi, Anti Kur, Robert Mokaya, Jo Darkwa, John Calautit, Mark Worall and Rabah Boukhanouf

13:30 - 15:00


Session 3 : Environment friendly superhydrophobic surfaces

By Junho Oh | Hanyang University | South Korea

Chair : Carlos Osorio-Sandoval

Paper #197: Flax fiber reinforced concrete for sustainable building material | By Zainab Al Hajaj and Mohammad Hany Yassin

Paper #33: The intermittency and flexibility of space heating systems with different terminal types in buildings | By Baoping Xu, Qiangang Li, Yanzhe Dou and Yuying Yan

Paper #28: A dynamic simulation of controllable crystallisation supercooled PCM for space heating via using Simulink\Simscape software | By Cagri Kutlu, Yuehong Su and Saffa Riffat

Paper #204: Optimum Scheduling by Creating Feeder Scale Islands for Continuity of Supply of Critical Loads in Emergency Network Conditions | By Fatma Avli Firis, Esra Kübra Aytemiz and Ali Osman Koksal

13:30 - 15:00


Session 4 : Innovative development of photovoltaic vacuum glazing for Net Zero energy buildings

By Chin Huai Young | National Taiwan University of Science and Technology | Taipei

Chair : Serik Tokbolat

Paper #27: Toward Zero-Carbon HVAC for Temperate Regions: Cooling using Thermoelectric Heat Exchanger - An Experimental Study | By M Hasan Shariq and Ben Hughes

Paper #295: AI-based Hourly Electricity Consumption Prediction for Households and Residents | By Mingrui Zhou, Xiao Li, Somayajulu Sripada and Yanan Zhang

Paper # 55: A novel PCM cooling system for building applications | By Tianhong Zheng, Hasila Jarimi and Saffa Riffat

Paper #48: Rapid Evaluation of a Building’s Thermal Performance Using Infrared Thermography and Artificial Neural Network | By Amin Al-Habaibeh and Arijit Sen

13:30 - 15:00


Coffee Break & Poster Session B

#14: Deep Learning-Based Vision for Real-Time Building Occupancy and Window Status Detection: Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Indoor Comfort | By Paige Tien, Wuxia Zhang, Shuangyu Wei and John Calautit

#39: Design analysis of closed hydronic loop system for PV cooling in the hot and arid region | By Hazim Dirawi, Yuehong Su and Mingke Hu

#52: Modelling Analysis of a Novel Thermochemical Energy Storage Reactor Coupled with a Finned Microchannel Tube Heat Exchanger for Water Heating | By Yong Zhang, Ziwei Chen, Yanan Zhang, Yuehong Su and Saffa Riffat

#53: A Novel Modelling Approach for Performance Analysis of a Concentrated Radiative Cooling System using the Compound Parabolic Concentrator | By Ya Dan, Mingke Hu, Suhendri Suhendri, Yuehong Su and Saffa Riffat

#62: Experimental Researches on the Operation Modes for a Water Source Heat Pump System to Expand Heating Operation Range | By Gilbong Lee, Sun Ik Na, Kibong Kim, Kichang Chang, Eunseok Wang, Junhyun Cho, Bongsoo Choi, Bong Seong Oh and Jaehyeok Heo

#68: Rotary desiccant wheel systems: a review | By Erdem Cuce, Pinar Mert Cuce and Yusuf Nadir Yilmaz

#72: Field trial and numerical study of a wind tower and run-around heat exchanger | By Harry Mahon, Daniel Friedrich and Ben Hughes

#105: The impact of indoor climate and occupancy rates on electricity use in campus buildings | By Keovathana Run, Franck Cévaër and Jean-François Dubé

#117: Revitalizing Bangkok’s Skywalks: A Sustainable Design Approach to Enhance ‘Green Mile’ Walkway | By Jitiporn Wongwatcharapaiboon, Asan Suwanarit, Massimo Ingegno, Chomphunut Pechkong, Gemmy Chiarakul, Gunsinee Tantrathivud, Napassawan Prasittisang, Natchaphat Likitluck, Natthinan Tipkaew, Oranun Athibodee, Pachaporn Rattakul, Phuong Linhtrannguyen, Pisitpong Jaiwong, Ploypak Intim, Pukjira Prarakkamo, Punnawit Ngansamrej and Salinthip Mahakaew

#196: Investigation of the key barriers of energy efficiency retrofitting UK social houses | By Sara Bertoluzzo and Xiaofeng Zheng

#236: A review on the state of the art wind energy harvesting technologies and potential integration into building roof structure | By Katrina Calautit and Cameron Johnstone

#248: Experimental study on Film hole wall heat transfer by ‎using transient liquid crystal technique | By Abdallah Ahmed, Edward Wright and Yuying Yan

#266: Non-Traditional Social Housing in the UK | By Praveena Pochampalli, Lucelia Rodrigues and Renata Tubelo

#267: Unlocking the Potential of Renewable Energy: Analyzing Energy Storage Deployment and Policy in the EU | By Kristiana Dolge, Laura Kristiāna Vičmane and Dagnija Blumberga

#274: An integrated liquid desiccant air-conditioning (ILDAC) system for multi-family terraced houses in subtropical and humid Mediterranean climate regions | By Yuhao Wang and Ke Qu

#289: Investigation on a novel thermoelectric ventilator system for retrofit in heritage buildings | By Qi Xu, Shihao Zhang and Saffa Riffat

#293: Impact of various technologies on peak energy demand of Residential Buildings in the cold climate of the UK | By Sajan Preet and Stefan Thor Smith

15:00 - 15:30

Monica Partridge - Main Foyer near Main Entrance

Session 5

Chair : John Calautit

Paper #155: Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste derived biochar for Electricity Generation | By Ravi Kumar, Abhijeet Anand, Kamal Kishore Pant and Priyanka Kaushal

Paper #102: Experimental Assessment of Spray Characteristics of Hydrogen and CNG Using Schlieren Imaging | By Dhananjay Kumar and Avinash Agarwal

Paper #285: Mapping Electric Vehicle Charging Points for Hampshire County using the Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Optimisation | By Mostafa Mahdy, Abubakr Bahaj, Philip Turner and Tom Rushby

Paper #69: Thermal insulation performance assessment of UK dwellings through co-heating test methodology: A critical review | By Erdem Cuce, Pinar Mert Cuce and Emre Alvur

15:30 - 16:30


Session 6

Chair : Siddig Omer

Paper #220: A computational study into the charging of an agitated fluidised bed thermochemical energy storage system | By Mark Worall, Jo Darkwa, John Calautit, Rabah Boukhanouf, Weiguang Su, Sarah Roger-Lund and Anti Kur

Paper #74: A BIM-based framework to assess embodied carbon of a structural model | By James Hunt and Carlos Osorio Sandoval

Paper #9: Solar cooking experiments with a finned heat storage cooking pot | By Ashmore Mawire, Oyirwoth Abedigamba and Atul Sagade

Paper #170: Numerical Study of Phase Change Material Nodal Arrangements in Multi-Directional Windcatcher | By Olamide Eso, Jo Darkwa and John Calautit

15:30 - 16:30


Session 7

Chair : Ben Hughes

Paper #44: Exploring vernacular courtyard strategies to improve thermal performance of modern housing in Dhaka | By Shayeeka Alam, Lucelia Rodrigues and Lorna Kiamba

Paper #242: Power Quality Impacts of Grid-Tied PV Inverters on Low Voltage Distribution Networks | By Chinthaka Attanayake, Nilupulee Gunathilake and Janaka Ekanayake

Paper #167: Using Digital Twins to investigate the need for active cooling systems in Danish public buildings | By Muhyiddine Jradi

Paper #43: Concept of Net-Zero-Ready Residential Buildings in hot-humid Region-(Lessons learned from the Arabian Gulf vernacular architecture) | By Mosad Alhawas and Rabah Boukhanouf

15:30 - 16:30


Session 8

Chair : Rob Shipman

Paper #93: Splitting the exergy destruction into avoidable and unavoidable parts for integrated biomethane liquefaction process and liquid air energy storage system | By Ali Rehman, Bo Zhang, Muhammad Abdul Qyyum, Fatima Zakir, Xiangji Guo, Salman Ijaz and Ahmad Naquash

Paper #199: Performance of multiphase anaerobic hybrid reactor for the treatment of biopesticide wastewater | By Mullai Pandian and Sobiya E

Paper #15: Continual learning-based adaptive data-driven model for building energy prediction | By Ao Li and Fu Xiao

Paper #253: The Impact of Courtyards and Window Designs on Thermal and Visual Comfort Conditions in Adobe Traditional Buildings of Nigeria | By Olutola Adekeye, Lucelia Rodrigues, Lorna Kiamba and Sara Mohamed

15:30 - 16:30


Comfort Break
16:30 - 16:45
Keynote | Microplastics and nanoplastics pollution: Challenges and way forward

By Ashok Pandey - Indian Institute for Toxicology Research | Chair: Lucelia Rodrigues

16:45 - 17:30

Lecture Theatre A03

Keynote | The energy transition will require a strong systems view

By Peter Lund - Aalto University, Finland | Chair: Lucelia Rodrigues

17:30 - 18:15

Lecture Theatre A03

Welcome Reception
18:30 - 20:00

Mezzanine at the Orchard Hotel

Day 2, Wednesday, Aug 16

Keynote | Digital twins for decarbonisation

By Don Mclean - Integrated Environmental Solutions Limited, Scotland | Chair : Mark Gillott

09:00 - 09:45

Lecture Theatre A03

Keynote | Conversion of waste to energy and resource

By Chi-Hwa Wang - National University of Singapore | Chair: Mark Gillott

09:45 - 10:30

Lecture Theatre A03

Coffee Break
10:30 - 10:45

Monica Partridge - Main Foyer near Main Entrance

Session 9 : Hydrogen and fuel studies at Lentatek

By Ibrahim Pamuk | Lentatek Ltd | Turkiye

Chair : Yuehong Su

Paper #157: Solar Water Pumping for Agrivoltaics: A Comparative Study of Performance in Different Climates | By Rittick Maity, Sudhakar Kumarasamy and Amir Abdul Razak

Paper #118: Comprehensive study of energy, comfort, and economic performance of the smart all-in-one window with integration of PV vacuum glazing and window frame heat recovery ventilation system | By Ke Qu, Yuhao Wang and Saffa Riffat

Paper #56: Performance of CO2 Air-to-Water Heat Pumps for Small Domestic Buildings in the UK | By Usman Qayyum, Savvas Tassou and Debarati Torrens

Paper #13: A multi-directional flap fin louver windcatcher: Experiment, numerical and field test investigations | By Jiaxiang Li, John Kaiser Calautit and Carlos Jimenez-Bescos

10:45 - 12:15


Session 10 : Solar-assisted heat pump system with hybrid energy storage for space heating in China

By Shuli Liu | Beijing Institute of Technology | China

Chair : Zafer Ure

Paper #30: A Field Study on Occupants' Thermal Sensation Vote in a Test Room Equipped with Trombe Wall | By Erfan Malekian Nobarani, Murat Ozdenefe and Seyedeh Zahra Shahabi

Paper #183: Phase Change Materials embedded in plasters: criticalities and limitations | By Eleonora Baccega and Michele Bottarelli

Paper #261: Carnot battery using a partial cascade organic-steam Rankine cycle | By Pengcheng Li, Jing Li and Xudong Zhao

Paper #19: Classification of Climate Zone Using Degree-Day Method: A Case Study of Saudi Arabia | By Fahad Mohammed Alrefai and Siddig Omer

10:45 - 12:15


Session 11 : Solar PV Driven DC vapour compression system with low-cost PCM storage for cooling: Performance evaluation and potential application in low-income community areas

By Hasila Jarimi | Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia | Malaysia

Chair : Ziwei Chen
Paper #4: Integrated IEC+MVC Air Conditioning system for Future Sustainability | By Muhammad Wakil Shahzad, Qian Chen, Kim Choon Ng, Mkum Ja, Nida Imtiaz and Muhammad Ahmad Jamil

Paper #241: Operational tool for selecting energy systems for small buildings based on useful energy needs | By Sérgio Fernando Tadeu

Paper #127: A preliminary investigation comparing the use of biochar powder coatings to standard materials for heat and mass transfer surfaces in evaporative coolers | By Michele Cossu, Nicolò Morselli and Alberto Muscio

Paper #86: Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Hospital Buildings: A Comprehensive Diagnosis Strategy for Chiller Plant Fault Detection | By Xi Bai, Caihua Liang, Qi Tang, Yubo Mao and Junjie Huang

10:45 - 12:15


Session 12 : Digital Twins for Energy Efficient Buildings

By Muhyiddine Jradi

Chair : Beatrice Pulvirente

Paper #49: An investigation into the challenges, benefits, and drivers for integrating renewable energy technologies into Nigerian electricity grid | By Amin Al-Habaibeh and Daminabo Pokubo

Paper #282: Acceptability of heat pump energy deferral for mitigating peak electricity demands – Findings from a UK field trial | By Philip Turner, Thomas Rushby, Patrick James, Stephanie Gauthier, Massimiliano Manfren and Abubakr Bahaj

Paper # 210: Integration of electric cooking and electric bike charging into East Africa mini grid projects: A policy review | By Majbaul Alam, Abubakr Bahaj, Luke Blunden, Patrick James, Issac Kiva and Samson Ondiek

Paper #256: The impact of PV, battery and Immersun on the Meadows community: data analysis of Project SENSIBLE | By Jun Guan, Mark Gillott, Mark Sumner and Eldar Naghiyev

10:45 - 12:15


Comfort Break
12:15 - 12:30
Session 13

Chair : Shuli Liu

Paper #18: Remote Monitoring Unit for Solar Home Systems: A Field Trial | By Matthew Little and Richard Blanchard

Paper #166: Utilisation of Digital Twins for Community Heat Decarbonisation | By Zaid Al-Atari, Rob Shipman and Mark Gillott

Paper #186: Analysis of the use of photovoltaic systems within the AGRI-PV concept in the Portuguese context | By Ana Isabel Palmero, Armando Oliveira, Miguel Marques and Diogo Curval

Paper #47: Machine learning applications in data centre cooling performance optimisation and forecasting: A review | By Zhichu Wang, Cheng Zeng, Xudong Zhao, Zishang Zhu and Xiaoli Ma

12:30 - 13:30


Session 14

Chair : Xiaofeng (Ken) Zheng

Paper #292: Advancing Double Pass PV/T Solar Collectors with Asymmetric Compound Parabolic Concentrators for Building Façade | By Hasila Jarimi

Paper #125: Flow and heat transfer in a Double-pipe heat exchanger using Microencapsulated phase change material (MPCM) slurry | By Tewodros Belay Ashagre and Dibakar Rakshit

Paper #2: A Disruptive Approach to Improving Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioning chillers | By Kim Choon Ng, Muhammad Burhan, Mkum Ja, Doskhan Ybyraiymkul, Qian Chen, Faheem Akhtar and Muhammad Wakil Shahzad

Paper #54: Simulation of thermal performance of horizontal slinky-loop ground source heat exchangers | By Man Luo, Guohui Gan and Lingze Lin

12:30 - 13:30


Session 15

Chair : Ashmore Mawire

Paper #121: A Dual-Purpose Innovative Cooling Cycle for Future Sustainability | By Muhammad Ahmad, Muhammad Wakil Shahzad, Nida Imtiaz, Kim Choon Ng, Muhammad Mehroz and Mohammed Sanjid Thavalengal

Paper #23: Solar Control Devices on Glazed Facades: Optimizing the Shape of an outer Slat Array as function of latitude, climate and solar control strategy | By Antonio Carbonari

Paper #254: Advancing Thermal Comfort Research: Evaluating Indices for Naturally Ventilated Residential Buildings in Diverse Climatic Zones | By Deepa Rani Rangaswamy

Paper #35: A novel hybrid multi-layer CdTe based PV ventilated window system integrated with phase change material: concept, construction and experimental investigation | By Wei Ke, Jie Ji, Chengyan Zhang and Hao Xie

12:30 - 13:30


Session 16

Chair : Erdem Cuce

Paper #221: Implementing a University’s Sustainability Strategic Plan – The journey so far | By Abubakr Bahaj, Rahul Jain and Ben Anderson

Paper #225: Enhancing policy framework to support rooftop photovoltaic deployment in Saudi Arabia | By Majbaul Alam, Abubakr Bahaj, Luke Blunden, Abdulsalam Alghamdi, Patrick James and Victora Aragon

Paper #283: Interpretable data-driven methods to automate energy model calibration – Southampton Highfield Campus case study | By Karla Magali Gonzalez Carreon and Massimiliano Manfren

Paper #240: Inter-unit transmission of pollutants inside a typical street canyon | By Murtaza Mohammadi and John Calautit

12:30 - 13:30


Buffet Lunch & Poster Session C

#128: Multi-level simulation of cooking processes in a domestic oven | By Simona Rustico, Jacopo Briglia, Beatrice Pulvirenti, Lorenzo Raschi and Marco Reguzzoni

#129: Air Conditioning System Optimization for Historical Building Thermal Comfort: A CFD Analysis | By Eleonora Palka Bayard de Volo, Beatrice Pulvirenti and Giovanni Semprini

#130: CFD analysis of the effect of rectangular groove structure on heat transfer in parabolic fins | By Erdem Cuce, Pinar Mert Cuce and Harun Sen

#141: Exploration of Simulation Methodology for Thermal Comfort Assessment of Educational Buildings in Nigeria | By Aminu Adamu Bena, Mark Gillott, Rabah Boukhanouf and Auwal Dodo

#145: Increasing the energy efficiency with an Intelligent Light-Management Photovoltaic Greenhouse | By Fangcai Chen, Liulu Fan, Haoyu Ma, Jianan Zheng, Wei Zhang, Ming Li, Fangxin Zhang, Altyeb Ali Abaker Omer, Xinyu Zhang and Wen Liu

#153: Storage and Distribution Warehouses: A Neglected Building Type in Natural Ventilation Design | By Kate Pelletier, Christopher Wood and John Calautit

#179: The Impact of in Buildings' Glazing on Operational Carbon Emissions Across Multiple Climates | By Ruba Salah

#193: Computational Analysis of Heat Transfer in a Fluidised Bed Thermochemical Energy Storage Reactor | By Sarah Roger-Lund, Jo Darkwa, Mark Worall, John Calautit and Rabah Boukhanouf

#202: Designing Ecological Landscapes: A Case Study of Amata City's Smart Environment | By Fa Likitswat and Siwaporn Klinmalai

#209: Effect of diffuser proximity to buildings on wind energy potential | By Abdel Rahman Elbakheit

#244: The Potential of Green Engineering Solutions Toward Sustainable Residential Buildings: A Case Study of Saudi Arabia | By Abdullah Alshabanat and Siddig Omer

#246: Implementing Deep Reinforcement Learning for Enhanced Energy Management in Renewable-Energy Microgrids | By Yanan Zhang, Xiao Li and Saffa Riffat

#249: A BIM-based Framework for Designing Sustainable Structures Through the Reuse of Precast Concrete Components | By Husam Al-Jawhar, Georgia Thermou, Carlos Osorio-Sandoval and Serik Tokbolat

#270: Investigation into sustainable technologies for mitigation urban heat island effects in subtropical monsoon Climate – thermal energy storage technologies contribution | By Tianhong Zheng, Jo Darkwa, John Calautit and Saffa Riffat

#290: Investigations on the Retrofitting Strategies Coupling Multiple Targets on Heritage Dwellings Located in Suzhou | By Shihao Zhang, Qi Xu and Saffa Riffat

#297: An Empirical Critique of the Low Income Low Energy Efficiency Approach to Measuring Fuel Poverty | By Torran Semple, Lucelia Rodrigues, Grazziela Figueredo and Mark Gillott

#260: Converting flood risk areas to water resilient and productive dryland production systems: Example of flood water spreading weirs in Ethiopia | By Gizaw Desta and Gizachew Legesse

#286: An experimental investigation on adsorption and regeneration performance of composite desiccants for building applications | By Mariana Velasco Carrasco, Jorge Luis Aguilar Santana and Saffa Riffa

13:30 - 14:30

Monica Partridge - Main Foyer near Main Entrance

Keynote | Development of wake model and yaw-control simulation models validated by experiments for optimized wind power generation

By Hongxing Yang - Hong Kong Polytechnic University | Chair: Peter Lund

14:30 - 15:15

Lecture Theatre A03

Coffee Break
15:15 - 15:30

Monica Partridge - Main Foyer near Main Entrance

Session 17 : Multiscale analysis applied to sustainable design of buildings and neighbours

By Beatrice Pulvirenti | University of Bologna | Italy

Chair : Muhyiddine Jradi

Paper #156: Unlocking the Potential of Floating Solar Farms: A study of comparison of Potential in the UK and Malaysia | By Nisha Kaur, Sudhakar Kumarasamy and Mohd Rusllim Mohamed

Paper #185: Thermal energy storage for under floor heating systems | By Zafer Ure

Paper #98: Exploring the Relationship Between Investor Profiles and Sustainable Investment Drivers: A Systematic Review | By Kumar Manaswi, Archana Singh and Vikas Gupta

Paper #279: Rotation Heat Pump - Presentation of the integral rotor design | By Andreas Laengauer and Bernhard Adler

15:30 - 17:00


Session 18 : Pop-Up farm (self powered) profitable solution for climate migration

By Ray Luke | Solar Ready Ltd | UK

Chair : Hasila Jarimi

Paper #228: Growth in electrical demand in a PV mini-grid: the first decade of operation at Kitonyoni, Kenya | By Luke Blunden, Abubakr Bahaj, Majbaul Alam, Samson Ondiek, Daniel Nyandera, Patrick James, Isaac Kiva, Patrick Karimi and Jeremiah Kiplagat

Paper #66: Economic Viability of Integrating Heat Pumps with Thermochemical Heat Storage for Residential Space Heating in the UK | By Marzieh Rezaei, Devrim Aydin, Yuehong Su and Saffa Riffat

Paper #97: Study on effect of intercellular gaps on the thermal profile of solar PV systems | By Shubham Kumar and Pmv Subbarao

Paper #251: The role of the informal sector towards sustainable waste management practices in developing countries: Case Study in Jordan | By Husam Abu Hajar and Ola Al-Mahasneh

15:30 - 17:00


Session 19 : The application of sensor fusion and artificial intelligence in assessing air quality during urban commuting

By Amin Al-Habaibeh | Nottingham Trent University | UK

Chair : Michael Farnsworth

Paper #51: Electricity Distribution Networks for Multi-Technology Residential Communities: A Sufficiency Assessment | By Abdullah Dik, Cagri Kutlu, Siddig Omer, Rabah Boukhanouf, Hao Sun and John Kaiser Calautit

Paper #226: The performance of residential rooftop PV arrays in a hot, arid climate: a case study in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia | By Abdulsalam Alghamdi, Luke Blunden, Majbaul Alam, Abubakr Bahaj and Patrick James

Paper #142: Investigating Thermal Comfort in Traditional Adobe Buildings in Warm-Humid Climates: A Case Study of Ilorin Heritage Buildings in Nigeria | By Olutola Adekeye, Lucelia Rodrigues and Lorna Kiamba

Paper #263: Simulation models with different electric vehicle charging strategies: a case study in East Midlands Airport | By Wenjie Yi, Murtaza Turabbhai Mohammadi, Mark Gillott, Lucelia Rodrigues, Rob Shipman and Rong Qu

15:30 - 17:00


Session 20 : Power generation prediction of a new tower type thermal photovoltaic composite power generation system based on spectral beam splitting

By Zhongzhu Qiu | Shanghai University of Electric Power | East China Electric Power Design Institute | China

Chair : Yanan Zhang

Paper #116: The Impact of Street Orientation and Aspect Ratio on Cooling Demand in Buildings: A Case Study of the “Sakan Misr” Housing Project in Egypt | By Sarah Abdalaziz, Soha Elgohary and Siddig Omer

Paper #67: Graph neural network-based spatio-temporal methodology for hydraulic modelling of district cooling systems | By Jing Zhang, Hanbei Zhang and Fu Xiao

Paper #57: Design, Production and Thermodynamic Analysis of Solar Energy Supported, Nanofluid Integrated Thermoelectric Vaccine Cabinet | By Pinar Mert Cuce, Erdem Cuce and Tamer Guclu

Paper #131: Numerical analysis of the effect of material type on heat dissipation in rectangular ducts in parabolic fin application | By Erdem Cuce, Pinar Mert Cuce and Harun Sen

15:30 - 17:00


Pre-Dinner Drinks & Nibbles
17:30 - 19:00

Courtyard of Derby Hall

Gala Dinner | Live Music & Raffel Draw
19:00 - 20:30

Dining Room - Derby Hall

Awards Ceremony | Live Music | Samba Entertainment
20:30 - 22:30

Dining Room - Derby Hall

Close and end of the evening

Day 3, Thursday, Aug 17

Keynote | Storytelling of the flat-panel ground heat exchanger: pros and cons of an intuitive shape

By Michele Bottarelli - University of Ferrara, Italy | Chair : Hongxing Yang

09:00 - 09:45

Lecture Theatre A03

Keynote | Study on the multi-functional application of BIPV/T system

By Ji Jie - University of Science & Technology of China | Chair: Hongxing Yang

09:45 - 10:30

Lecture Theatre A03

Coffee Break & Poster Session D

#43: Concept Of Net-Zero-Ready Residential Buildings in hot-humid Region-(Lessons learned from the Arabian Gulf vernacular architecture) | By Mosad Alhawas and Rabah Boukhanouf

#148: Performance simulation research of the novel PVT-PCM-GSHP system in different climate zones | By Fei Lai, Jinzhi Zhou, Min Yu, Xiaoling Zhu and Yanping Yuan

#165: Analysis of energy efficient two evaporator refrigeration system using expander-compressor enhanced subcooling | By Muhammet Nasif Kuru, Mehmet Tahir Erdinc and Cagri Kutlu

#211: Analysis of Suitability of Local Sustainability Recommendations for Thermal Comfort in Post-disaster Social Housing in Yucatan, Mexico | By Yarely Guadalupe Aguilar Perez, Lucelia Rodrigues, Paolo Becarelli and Renata Tubelo

#212: Carrot pomace as a perspective raw material for obtaining a bunch of value-added bioproducts | By Aleksandra Hudek, Łukasz Korzeniowski, Derk W. F. Brilman and Mariusz Wądrzyk

#223: Fifth generation district heating and cooling network coupled with geothermal energy source for realizing a sustainable community: A case study of Embassy of Sharing at Mälmo | By Nischal Chaulagain, Ulla Janson and Saqib Javed

#233: Building retrofit- An active influence on the residential building's energy consumption by changing the size of the Windows | By Yue Zhang and Siddig Omer

#253: The Impact of Courtyards and Window Designs on Thermal and Visual Comfort Conditions in Adobe Traditional Buildings of Nigeria | By Olutola Adekeye, Sara Mohamed, Lorna Kiamba and Lucelia Rodrigues

#255: A Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of a Heat Pump System for Vehicle Thermal Management | By Luca Muratori, Beatrice Pulvirenti, Lorenzo Peretto, Raffaella Di Sante, Giovanni Bottiglieri and Federico Coiro

#259: Analysis of the impact of evaporative cooling strategies on the aero-thermal comfort performance of courtyard buildings in hot-dry climates | By Hao Sun, John Calautit, Carlos Jimenez-Bescos, Abdullah Dik, Siddig Omer and Saffa Riffat

#268: Unlocking affordable and low-carbon retrofit solutions for residential buildings with homeowners’ motivations using the Energy-Flow based Ensemble Calibration (EF-EC) model | By Ke Qu, Yuhao Wang, Man Luo and Xiangjie Chen

#269: A Study on Vermiculite-based Salt Mixture Composite Materials for Low-grade Thermochemical Adsorption Heat Storage | By Ziwei Chen, Yanan Zhang, Yong Zhang, Yuehong Su and Saffa Riffat

#275: Performance Study For Selected HVAC Systems | By Jiufa Chen, Jianchao Ma, Yibo Chen, Bing Guo and Zhikai Zhao

#277: Challenges of Climate Change & Resilient Housing Design Solution | By Dr Afaq Hyder Chohan, Jihad Awad, Adi-Irfan Che-Ani and Bhai Khan Shar

#278: Cooling access among female home-based workers in a village in Selangor, Malaysia | By Hasila Jarimi

#291: Comparative study on a low-carbon house and common houses with post occupancy evaluation in rural area of China | By Shihao Zhang, Qi Xu and Saffa Riffat

10:30 - 11:00

Monica Partridge - Main Foyer near Main Entrance

Session 21

Chair : Amin Al-Habaibeh

Paper #21: Using System Intrinsic Thermal Storage to Enhance Chiller Plant Efficiency – Control Strategy Development and On-site Validation | By Kui Shan, Xiaoyu Lin and Shengwei Wang

Paper #6: Experimental and numerical investigation on thermal heterogeneity of a novel zoning air conditioning system | By Yunqing Fan, Mamoru Hamada, Shogo Tamaki and Makoto Wada

Paper #100: An Empirical Study on Condensation Process and Heat Transfer Enhancement under Corona Discharge: A Visualization-based Investigation | By Bo Chen, Yuanzhi Gao, Zhaofeng Dai, Dongxu Wu and Xiaosong Zhang

Paper #211: Analysis of Suitability of Local Sustainability Recommendations for Thermal Comfort in Post-disaster Social Housing in Yucatan, Mexico | By Yarely Guadalupe Aguilar Perez, Lucelia Rodrigues, Paolo Becarelli and Renata Tubelo

Paper #65: Implementation of Demand Side Response in Supermarkets: a feasibility study | By Debarati Torrens and Savvas Tassou

Paper #235: Evaluation of the impact of the aerofoil shape on the performance of a oscillating aerofoil energy harvester integrated into a building structure | By Katrina Calautit and Cameron Johnstone

11:00 - 12:30


Session 22

Chair : Cagri Kutlu

Paper #140: Analysis of Thermal Comfort in a University Building, During the Hot/Dry Season in Kebbi State, Nigeria | By Aminu Adamu Bena, Mark Gillott and Rabah Boukhanouf

Paper #191: A Super-performance Dew Point Cooler – Research and Application | By Xudong Zhao

Paper #257: Data-Driven Optimisation Based Machine Learning For Thermal Comfort in Building Environment | By Ismail Alarab, Christos Efstratiou, Simant Prakoonwit, Fernando Otero, Marialena Nikolopoulou, Matthew Barker, Andrew Baldwin and Malcolm Clarke

Paper #126: Analysis of Ignition at different fuel injection timings in Gasoline Direct Injection Engine | By Ankur Kalwar and Avinash Agarwal

Paper #190: A Dynamic Fuzzy Analytic Network Process Approach for Assessing Renewable Energy Technologies | By Shuo-Yan Chou and Luu Dat

Paper #205: 3-E analysis of plasma gasification combined cycle integrated molten carbonate fuel cell for power production based on refused derived fuel feedstock | By Roni Mallick and Prabu Vairakannu

11:00 - 12:30


Session 23

Chair : Devrim Aydin

Paper #34: Investigation on Heat Transfer and Flow Organization Characteristics in Porous Media based on Entransy Analysis Model | By Yong Yang, Baojun Chen, Guangfu Li, Shuai Zhang, Zhao Zhang, Hong Liu and Shengqiang Shen

Paper #42: Influence of EGR and injection timing on combustion and emissions of a diethyl ether-diesel blend fueled compression ignition engine | By Utkarsha Sonawane and Avinash Kumar Agarwal

Paper #232: Field monitoring of indoor air temperature of 3D-printed house in the hot climate of Saudi Arabia: A case study of the 3D Studio 2030 in Riyadh | By Khalid Mirza and Mohamed Gadi

Paper #247: The impact of applying the new Saudi building code on residential buildings performance in Riyadh region | By Abdulaziz Aladwani and Siddig Omer

Paper #120: The impact of prefabricated wall insulation (PWI) panels on building energy performance: Numerical simulation and experimental validation | By Yuhao Wang, Ke Qu and Saffa Riffat

Paper #271: Maximizing Solar Power Harvest: Experimental Analysis of Vacuum Insulated Photovoltaic/Thermal (PVT) Power Module in Subtropical Climates | By Andrew Young Apuko Oyieke

11:00 - 12:30


Session 24

Chair : Emmanuel Tapia-Brito

Paper #31: Minimising the Performance Gap Using Calibrated Dynamic Building Performance Simulation (DBPS) Models | By Shireen Alqadi and Amira Elnokaly

Paper #161: Design of Intelligent Lighting System for Plants with High Uniformity | By Zhuoyi Ling, Qinghua Lyu and Wanjiang Bai

Paper #73: Rural energy accessibility profiling to enable effective energy decarbonisation research | By Samir Soares, Mark Gillott and Gavin Walker

Paper #207: Estimating Energy Savings in Singapore's Building Benchmarking Policy for Office Buildings | By Gu Hao, Xiaoyu Jin and Xiao Fu

Paper #136: Energy, exergy, and techno-economic analysis of a 10-kW biogas fuelled solid oxide fuel cell | By Amit Kumar Sharma, Biju Illathukandy, Sharang Dev Sharma, Priyanka Kaushal, Ralph E.F. Lindeboom, V.K. Vijay and P.V. Aravind

Paper #146: Assessment of Indoor Thermal Comfort with Respect to Building Materials in Low Income Housing Typology - A Case of Trivandrum, Kerala | By Fahmida Sherin P M and Deepa Rani R

11:00 - 12:30


Keynote | Key technologies for innovative solar driven heating and cooling systems

By Xudong Zhao - University of Hull - UK | Chair: Saffa Riffat

12:30 - 13:15

Lecture Theatre A03

Closing Ceremony & Announcement
13:15 - 13:30

Lecture Theatre A03

Sandwich Buffet Lunch
13:30 - 14:30

Monica Partridge - Main Foyer near Main Entrance

Tours to Creative Energy Home (Limited Spaces)


End of SET2023

Event is now over

Thank you for attending SET2023

East Midlands Airport (EMA)

The closest airport to Nottingham is the East Midlands Airport (EMA), which mainly serves national or short international connections. Travelling via the A453 road between East Midlands Airport and Nottingham takes approximately 25 minutes, depending on traffic, and is one of the easiest ways to get between the airport and the city.

Some directions on how to get to the campus from the airport and further information on the local transport system can be found below

Bus from East Midlands Airport

Good links for bus travel to the University from East Midlands Airport can be found here – follow the link for the Skylink’ service


Note that there are two Skylink buses – one will bring you to the Nottingham University campus (Skylink Nottingham) and the other to Nottingham City centre (Skylink Express, a lot faster). The bus timetables, fares and routes can be found here (you can download pdf files with the details): Timetables


If you use the faster Skylink Express option then you will need to travel from Nottingham city centre to the University

Taxi from East Midlands

A taxi from the airport to the University campus will cost approximately £30 – £40 and will take around 20 minutes.


Details and links to some taxi companies can be found on this website


Booking a taxi in advance of your arrival is strongly advised.